Isabelle Coche

Posted By Grant Geard on May 11, 2016 in

Isabelle has significant experience in advocacy and communications at the international and regional levels, and a broad knowledge of development and agriculture issues acquired through previous work in international organisations, private sector and NGOs. Isabelle also currently serves as the Vice President Strategy at Emerging ag.

Isabelle helped found and lead the Farming First coalition, an innovative, multi-stakeholder group focused on policy advocacy around food security. Farming First has received numerous prizes for its creative and dynamic approach to global advocacy. Leveraging the value of media and social media to complement outreach and advocacy into holistic strategies for public relations is at the core of Isabelle’s approach. She has also successfully led key public affairs projects in highly sensitive issues, such as agricultural biotechnology and intellectual property rights.

Isabelle holds a master in gender studies from the London School of Economics and a BA Honours in Political Science and Economics from McGill University. She has lived and worked in Africa and Asia and speaks fluently English and French.