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Sustainability is now at the heart of many organisations’ core concerns. The nexus of economic performance, environmental footprint and social impact challenges organisations to rethink their practices and to engage new stakeholders. This is particularly true in some fields where impacts might be more directly observed, such as agriculture, food or in the extractive sector. But it applies to all sectors and activities and public expectation of transparency and improved performance is no longer confined to a few areas.

Understanding your organisation’s impact and potential is the prerequisite to shaping innovative offerings and contributing positively to sustainability. Appropriately framing your organisation’s work can create opportunities to demonstrate your role, commitment and contributions to providing answers.

However, the multiplicity of opportunities, initiatives and actors can create confusion. Organisations need a sound understanding of the issues at stake to identify the spaces where they can be heard and have the most impact. They also need strong relationships with key stakeholders to build alliances and partnerships to deliver on their commitments and create value for their constituents.

KiboConsulting works with a large network of experts and associated companies, allowing us to bring together a team tailored exactly to each of our client’s needs. Our principals reflect our varied background and expertise in policy, stakeholder engagement and communication.


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